We've brought together ingredients that have been used and recommended by dermatologists, beauty influencers and everyday skin care fanatics! With a plethora of reviews and recommendations, we decided to go with ingredients which have hailed the skincare industry.


Aligned with our values are ingredients and companies who believe in cruelty-free practices and organic production. We've been privileged enough to source ingredients from companies who also believe in the same. 


We know how broad the skincare industry is and how many products have been designed for the different skin types that exist. Keeping in mind the diversity, we chose ingredients that have been successful for a variety of skin types.  


I have used two of the products from this company and loved both! I am big on skin care and very particular not to put harmful chemicals on my skin. Shabacare, provides such transparency with what they put in their products, which is amazing because all their ingredients are all organic!

Three weeks before my brothers wedding I got a facial and part of my face waxed (BAD IDEA, BECAUSE MY SKIN IN VERY SENSITIVE). I started using the face mask two times a week for three weeks. It made such a huge difference, the acne I did have cleared up and the papules (red bumps) cleared up as well. The mask left my skin feeling and looking fresh. I love this product! and I how how it has an easy to use consistency and smells amazing!


THE BEST SKIN CARE BRAND!!! Especially for its price! I’ve repurchased their facial serum 3 times now (for almost two years) and it does wonders for getting rid of acne scars which I’ve struggled with for so long. Best thing I’ve found, I don’t even worry when I get acne scars anymore because I know their products will get rid of them within a few days!

Judy S.

I hopped on the kiehls wagon last year and wouldn't see results. I was at a show and got a sample of the serum and was hooked cause after 2 nights of use I saw a huge difference in my skin. Brighter, acne scars on my forehead fading, kind of light a natural highlight. Ingredients are easy to understand and Hanna makes you really feel like she cares about your skin. She recommended a different toner for me and moisturizer, and all has been working out greatly. She knows her stuff!


Absolutely loving this nighttime serum! Within a few days I noticed all the redness from old and recent acne disappear, all my dry spots (not matter how much I moisturized) were gone & my skin looked so fresh, smooth and glowy. Definitely a staple in my skincare routine 

Arzeen Farzadi

I was skeptical. Because I tried other brands like Farsali and Josie Maran, which did work but didn't help me achieve my goals. After incorporating Shabacare into my skincare routine, I saw a difference in about 5-7 days. My skin always looked so dull and tired, but I now abide by this serum in the night-time, and wake up with a glow. Seriously, even my make-up use has decreased because I feel so much more confident in my own skin.

Sonia Khan

I loved the product. I sometimes mix a drop or two with my foundation to add some moisture and a nice glow to my face. It works wonders!

Saba Khan aka FictionallyFlawless

As someone with combination skin, it’s hard for me to find a product that tackles  my dry areas as well as targets pimples and spots of discolouration from old and  reoccurring break outs. 

My problem areas are on my chin and forehead along my hairline , and this amazing blend left my face glowing without clogging my pores, thanks to the jojoba and rose hip oil. I used it consistently at night before bed for about a month, after cleansing and toning. I LOVE that it contains lavender oil, the scent is soooo soothing and pleasant ,perfect for promoting sleepy feels ! 

My immediate results were honestly waking up with plump, healthy looking skin , still moisturized the next morning which is a miracle for my skin especially during this winter ! It soothed the dry patches around my mouth and faded a couple old acne scars on my chin. After a month I would say I’m extremely happy with this product!  10/10 would recommend to a friend !

Meagan Barnes

LOVE this product. As men, we always seem to be so hesitant to these kind of solutions. However, after using this for only 3-4 days I saw massive results. I thought I was either sleeping or eating better, but it was just this product doing it's thing. Already got my next order coming in :)

Seyar K

I bought the serum over a year ago and I'm now on my 6th bottle. I am truly addicted. I always loved rosehip oil but when I found out Shabacare has an organic carrier, you can really see the difference in how the oil sits on your skin and gives its benefits. I love the small pouch it comes in it helps me travel with it and its child safety lock so my toddler (who can now grab and open things) can't go into the bottle at all. Overall I use this to keep my skin clear of scars even if I get a random pimple and it gives me a natural glow. I stopped using foundation because of this. I truly also want to give a shout out to the founder Hanna who is amazing with her customer service and check ins. She gives you a personalized experience and tries her best to meet the skincare goals you have

Sally G
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