NAME; Shabacare. Shabacare derives from the Urdu term Shabah-Khair. Shabah-Khair means goodnight, or sleep wellWe chose to remix this Urdu term by creating the word Shabacare, which also means, Shaba = night, and care is the literal English term, which brings us a full translation as nightcare.

PURPOSE: We believe in inclusion and self-love. Our products have been tried and tested on a variety of individuals from different backgrounds, all whom come from different skin types, environments and skincare experiences. While designing these products we took into full consideration the depth of how many people value skin care, and we decided to be as transparent as possible by asking many of our customers to model for us. All the individuals you see pictured are real life customers of Shabacare. 

BACKGROUND; SELF-LOVE; This is the best way to describe our method and why we chose to make these specific products. Our team has been through it all, acne ridden through our teenage years, waxing and laser scars, fell on my face and got a deep scab type of scar, sun burnt, eye-bags, you name it. But we all came together with our experiences and reflected on which products we used worked the best. After jotting down the top ingredients used in these products, we came to what we call our magic formula: rose-hip oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, fractionated coconut oil and vitamin E. We all have different beauty routines and different skin types, but we all felt as though these ingredients were the most effective on all of us.  

GOAL; We wanted to bring you the best ingredients, at the best price. Through research and competitive pricing, we're able to bring you organic, cruelty-free ingredients at a lower than the leading competitor's price.