Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of Shabacare? Shabacare is a facial serum made of all organic ingredients. The variety of ingredients have many different benefits, ranging from scar solution properties, acne fighting, hyper-pigmentation reducing, hydrating, moisturizing, increased nourishment and to strengthen your skin cells. You can read more on this page!

I have oily skin- will this serum suit me? This is a valid observation. I mean, no one really tells you to apply oil to combat your oily skin. However, using the right blend of oils can help you balance your sebum composition and bring relief to much of your oily areas (T-zone, cheeks etc.). Rosehip oil has been respected as a great linoleic acid agent which is a main ingredient in many creams and serums designed for oily skin.

Will this help me get rid of my acne? We can't guarantee that, but Shabacare has jojoba oil in it, which has been recognized as an acne prevention agent. By adding jojoba oil into your skincare routine, eventually it may reduce any future acne because of how it specifically combats acne bacteria (Propionibacterium). 

Will Shabacare give me whiteheads? While most people experience only beneficial effects from using oils on their skin, after a few uses some credit oils to bringing out white heads on their skin. Oils that bring out whiteheads are actually combating your clogged pores and pushing out any residue that may have been formed from bacteria or stressed skin. Initially, you may notice some whiteheads but this is a part of Shabacare's cleansing stage - continued use of the oil with an exfoliater will get rid of your whiteheads but also show declogged and tightened pores.

I just got a pimple, can I apply Shabacare to it? We recommend applying Shabacare to a pimple that has no further residue, usually after 4 days of when it has been observed. The life of a pimple varies, therefore when you're sure the pimples life is about to end, then we advise applying our serum.

Can I use Shabacare under make-up? Yes! We recommend it as a primer. If you check out our Instagram tags you will notice many customers have applied Shabacare as a primer to prevent clogging of their pores and provide a glow with their make up. 

Where do you guys ship to? We ship worldwide! Dependent on where you're located, shipping fees vary.

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