Usage Tips

- After cleansing your face for the day, apply 3-4 drops on your hand and spread all over your face in circular motion. Let it saturate into your skin naturally verses rubbing it till it dries. You can go on with your night or head to bed, and let the serum work its magic!

- Add a couple drops to your night time moisturizer, and spread in circular motion all over

- Use on a specific acne or distress mark or scar, 1-2 drops should be enough, spread in circular motion over that specific area and allow it to saturate naturally

- Use on your eyelashes as a growth serum

- Use on your under eye bags as a dark circles reducer

- Day time: After cleansing your face, apply toner, and then add a couple drops of Shabacare into your day moisturizer. Continue with your day or your make up routine